Our E-mail marketing module gives you the power to instantly connect with your customers

Web statistics clearly demonstrate just how effective E-mail marketing can be. 66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an E-mail they received and 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communication via E-mail according to recent research. For the majority of E-marketers, running Email marketing campaigns gives a very positive return on investment.

Our E-mail marketing module makes it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your contacts and website subscribers. We can integrate an easy to use E-mail marketing campaign management system into your website package that gives you the power to create highly professional E-mail marketing campaigns in minutes.



Our e-mail marketing module gives you the power to connect with your customers and send customised and highly personalised content quickly. The module can be easily configured to automatically manage follow up E-mails, bouncebacks and will add new contacts and remove unsubscribes automatically.

Our in house design team is on hand to create E-mail marketing campaigns with ease and get your message, new products and special offers out to all of your contacts in one simple to manage campaign.


You can set up separate subscriber lists for all of your website services and create custom segments with a click, a drag and a drop. Send different emails to past customers, your hottest prospects and other segments to get the best response. Our module takes the headaches out of managing and maintaining contact lists and sending custom campaigns to website subscribers.

If you want to take your E-mail marketing to the next level, our module allows you to run A/B testing of headlines, layouts and designs and you can easily trial special offers and discounts and fine tune your campaigns.


Whenever you run an E-mail marketing campaign, every single E-mail sent will be monitored, tracked and traced, giving you real time statistics on who is opening, reading and clicking through to your content.

You can generate lists of who has opened your E-mail, how many times it was viewed and who your content has been shared with through social media channels. Your bouncebacks are automatically managed and subscriber lists updated, keeping your database squeaky clean. We also incorporate full Google Analytics tracking to help you monitor conversions and easily enable you to see your return on investment.